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Our story

In Sanskrit, Mata G means ‘honorable mother’

Fittingly, Mata G's menu is free of anything that had a ‘mother’ — that means no meat, no fish, no eggs. We are focused on offering distinctively satisfying cuisine to a growing vegetarian and vegan-curious community, with gluten-free and kosher options available.


With every dish, Mata G is committed to farm fresh ingredients, locally-sourced whenever possible. We draw inspiration from a mix of international flavors, from Asian to Moroccan, Italian to Indian, Lebanese, Mexican and of course, New Mexican.

We hope our food leaves people feeling healthy, happy and nourished.

of service

In keeping with our mission to serve others, Mata G Vegetarian Kitchen donates several thousand pounds of food every month to New Mexico’s food insecure population.

All Mata G packaging is conveniently compostable or recyclable to protect our environment.

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